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balgam wali khansi ka ilaj: Usually cough with mucus is very painful for the throat. If it is not treated in time, it increases. Home remedies (Balgam Se chutkara pane ke upay) also do not work when cough increases due to bacteria and infection. In this case, only medical advice has to be taken. But if you adopt some home remedies in time, then it also gets eradicated from the root. Let us know why mucus is formed and what things eliminate mucus?

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Why is mucus formed (Balgam Banne Ka Karnan)

When we are healthy, in that state the mucus is thin. There is no problem of any kind. But when you come in contact with external dust, soil or particles, the phlegm becomes thick. The accumulation of mucus in the chest and throat can cause symptoms such as swelling, tightness in the chest, sore throat, cough, wheezing and difficulty in breathing. By the way, it is normal to collect mucus. But in some situations, excessive accumulation of mucus becomes a cause for concern. Mucus in the chest can be due to

-acid reflex


– asthma

-viral infection

-chronic bronchitis

-chronic obstructive c)

-cystic fibrosis

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Get Rid Of Cough With Mucus With Home Remedies

In a cough with sputum, phlegm continues to form again and again. There may be a problem of cough with mucus even if there is a throat infection. Home remedies for cough with mucus should be done in time. So let’s know about home remedies

– Consumption of hot liquids.

Steam is the most effective way.

– Gargle with salt water.

– Ayurvedic treatment by licking honey or honey mixed with Sitopaladhi.

Consume certain herbs and foods(Herbs And Foods Cure Mucus)





-black pepper





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Avoid these things

Do not eat fried things.

– Drink hot water.

-Avoid cold things.

Avoid curd and rice.


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