Bad News! Unemployment rate increased in December, the figure reached the highest level in 4 months

Unemployment Rate: Big news has come out about unemployment in the new year. The unemployment rate has seen a jump in December 2021. The unemployment rate in the country has increased to a four-month high of 7.91 percent in December 2021. The Center for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) has given information about this by releasing the data.

What was the unemployment rate in November?
Let us tell you that in the month of November, the unemployment rate was 7 percent. This figure of unemployment has been the highest since August. The unemployment rate at that time was 8.3 percent. According to the data, the unemployment rate in cities was 9.30 percent in December, which was 8.21 percent in November, 2021.

rural unemployment rate
Apart from this, if we talk about rural areas, then the unemployment rate here was 7.28 percent, which was 6.44 percent in the previous month.

40 lakh people got employment
CMIE Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Mahesh Vyas said that employment has increased in December 2021, but the number of job seekers is more than that. “It is a good sign as the arrivals in the labor market were high. About 83 lakh additional people were looking for jobs. However, only 40 lakh job seekers got employment.

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