Attention travelers… Railway removes customs duty on catering, but passengers still suffer…

New Delhi | IRCTC New Rule: Indian Railways has made strange changes in the prices of food items. According to the information, ‘on-board’ service charges have been waived on all those food and beverages for which pre-order is not done in premium trains. There is a screw in this that a fee of Rs 50 has been added to the prices of breakfast, lunch or dinner. However, the prices of tea and coffee will be the same for all passengers, irrespective of whether you have booked in advance or ordered in the train itself. There will be no increase in rates for this. Under the earlier provision of the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC), if a person has not booked for food at the time of booking his train ticket, then he will be given an additional 50 rupees while ordering food during the journey. Had to pay, even if he had ordered tea or coffee for only Rs 20.

Know what is the change before and now…

IRCTC New Rule: This means that now, passengers boarding premium trains like Rajdhani, Duronto or Shatabdi, who have not booked their meals in advance, will have to pay Rs 20 for tea. This is the same as the amount paid by those people. Those who had booked their meals in advance. Earlier, the cost of tea for such passengers was Rs 70, which included the service charge. Earlier the rates for breakfast, lunch and evening refreshments were Rs 105, Rs 185 and Rs 90 respectively, while an additional charge of Rs 50 was levied with each meal. However, passengers will now have to pay Rs 155, Rs 235 and Rs 140 respectively for these meals and the service charge will be added to the cost of the meal.

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There is no advantage of booking in advance…

IRCTC New Rule: Giving information in this regard, an official said that the effect of removal of service fee will be visible only in the price of tea and coffee. In this, the passenger who has not booked in advance will also have to pay the same fee as the passenger who has made the booking. However, the service charge amount for all other meals has been added to the cost of meals for non-booking facilities. For Vande Bharat trains, passengers who have not booked meal services during the journey have to pay the same amount for breakfast/lunch or dinner/evening snacks as they paid when the service Fee was charged. This is because the increase is shown as the cost of the meal, not as a charge.

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