Another CBI inquiry on Kejriwal government

New Delhi, After handing over the investigation of the new liquor policy of the national capital Delhi to the CBI, now Lieutenant Governor Vinay Kumar Saxena has decided to send the investigation of alleged irregularities in the tender for the purchase of buses to the CBI. Lt Governor Saxena has approved the proposal to send a complaint to the CBI to investigate the alleged corruption in the purchase of 1000 low floor buses by the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC).

In a complaint sent to VK Saxena in June this year, it was claimed that the Delhi Transport Corporation had pre-planned the transport minister to be the chairman of the committee constituted for tendering and procurement of buses. In this case, a complaint was received by the Lieutenant Governor on June 9, 2022, in which it was said that in a planned manner, the Transport Minister was made the chairman of the committee related to tendering and purchase of buses.

In this complaint, it was said – For the purpose of creating disturbances, Delhi Integrated Multi Modal Transit System (DIMTS) has been appointed as Tender Management Consultant. It said that there were discrepancies in the tender for the purchase of 1000 CNG buses in July 2019 and the bid for the annual maintenance contract in March 2020. However, after the complaint last year, the tender for bus purchase has been canceled. Despite this, the Lieutenant Governor sent this complaint to the Chief Secretary on 22 July.

On this, on August 19, the Chief Secretary sent his report, which said that serious discrepancies were found in the tender process. There has been gross violation of CVC guidelines and general financial rules. Deliberately DIMTs were made consultants so that the discrepancies in the tender process can be agreed upon. The same discrepancies were also mentioned in the DTC’s deputy commissioner’s report. After this, Saxena has sent the complaint to the CBI.

The statement of the Delhi government came after the Lieutenant Governor sent the matter to the CBI for investigation, which said that the tenders were canceled and the buses were never purchased. Targeting the Lieutenant Governor, the Delhi government said that Delhi needs a more educated LG, the present LG does not know what he is signing. The statement of the Delhi government said that the Lieutenant Governor himself is facing serious corruption charges. They are ordering such an inquiry to divert attention. Such investigations have not yielded any results so far. It said that after baseless complaints against the Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister and Health Minister, they are now complaining about the fourth minister.

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