Ambulance life saver or eater! Petrol ran out while taking the patient, the patient died

Pratapgarh | Rajasthan News: The government system of Rajasthan broke the mountain of sorrows on the family! Till now ambulance was considered life saver but in the Pratapgarh district of Rajasthan, ambulance became life eater of the patient. While taking the patient in serious condition to the hospital, the petrol ran out in the ambulance itself, due to which the patient’s breath also stopped.

After this heart-wrenching case came to the fore from Pratapgarh, there was a stir in the health department as well as in the ministerial department.

The family members brought petrol for the ambulance, yet ..
After running out of petrol on the way, the ambulance did not start even when the relatives of the patient reached with petrol with the help of a bike. After which the relatives of the patient also pushed for about a km to start the ambulance. But to no avail, the relatives asked the ambulance driver to call for another ambulance, then after 40 minutes the second ambulance reached the spot.

By the time I reached the hospital it was too late
Rajasthan News: Now when the second ambulance reached the hospital with the patient, the doctors in the hospital declared the patient dead. This whole matter happened two days back on Thursday with 40-year-old Tejpal Ganawa, a resident of Surajpura in Selia area of ​​Pratapgarh district. This new act of negligence came to the fore when he was being taken to the hospital in an ambulance after his sudden health deteriorated.

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