Alarm bells: Europe became the center of Corona, the situation in Russia and Canada is also very bad. 1 News Track English

Corona cases increase in Europe: Europe has once again become the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic. The WHO has warned that European countries have reported the highest number of cases in a week for the first time since the start of the corona virus last week. During this, about 20 lakh cases were reported and about 27 thousand people also died. At the same time, cases of corona are increasing again in China and America.

WHO Director-General Tedros Ghebreyesus has said that the recent death of 27 thousand people due to Coronavirus in Europe is a big matter. This is more than half of all Kovid-19 deaths in the world in the last week. He said, COVID-19 cases are increasing not only in countries with low vaccination rates in Eastern Europe, but also in countries with some of the highest vaccination rates in the world in Western Europe.

According to the WHO Weekly Report, the European region recorded 19,49,419 new cases from 1 to 7 November, a 10 percent increase in the new week. On the other hand, the spread of Coronavirus continues in China as well. The infection has spread here in 21 provinces. The situation in Russia and Canada is also very bad. In the last one week in America, close to 2,000 deaths have occurred from Corona.

Corona cases rising in Europe ‘a warning to the world’

Michael Ryan, executive director of the WHO’s Health Emergencies Program, said that a major reason for the increase in cases in Europe is also the fall in temperature. Ryan said, despite the availability of vaccines, what is happening in Europe is ‘a warning to the world’.

He said, ‘I think every country needs to look at their epidemiology now, protect their health workers or their health system and make sure that it doesn’t get worse again in the next few months without the system. Lets do it.’

Clashes started as soon as the lockdown was imposed in Holland

Clashes started in the country as soon as the lockdown in Holland was again imposed under the increasing Coronavirus cases in European countries. During this, the police also fired water cannons at the protesters. Shops and restaurants here have been ordered to close early.

Hundreds of Dutch demonstrators took to the streets to enforce the lockdown in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands too, objections were raised to the partial withdrawal of the lockdown and hundreds of Dutch protesters took to the streets. Whereas coronavirus cases are increasing rapidly here. In the evening, the protesters also threw stones at the police. The police resorted to lathi-charge and used water cannons to disperse them.

21 provinces infected in China, 40 thousand new cases in Russia

Corona’s havoc continues in China and Russia as well. The epidemic (Coronavirus) has so far spread in 21 provinces of China. At the same time, 39,256 new cases of coronavirus have been reported in Russia in the last 24 hours. A total of 90,1851 cases have been reported here since the beginning of the epidemic. A record 1,241 deaths occurred here in the last 24 hours. In the same period, 33,803 patients across the country were cured of the infection.


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