After inflation, the government is going to give another allowance, know when will it be available?


House Rent Allowance: The central government can once again give a big gift for the government employees. Now after the increase in Dearness Allowance (DA) of central employees, the government is planning to increase one more allowance i.e. House Rent Allowance (HRA). There are reports that the Modi government can give increased HRA to the employees in January.

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The Finance Ministry has started considering the demand of more than 11.56 lakh employees to implement House Rent Allowance i.e. HRA in this regard. This proposal has been sent to the Railway Board for approval. After getting the approval of the board, the employees will get HRA from January 2021. After getting HRA, the salary of these employees will increase tremendously.

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Indian Railway Technical Supervisors Association (IRTSA) and National Federation of Railwaymen (NFIR) have demanded the implementation of HRA from January 1, 2021. After this this allowance can be applicable on the salary of all central employees.

Accordingly, you get the allowance

The category of house rent allowance i.e. HRA is according to the cities of X, Y and Z class. That is, the employees who will come in X category will now get more than Rs 5400 per month house rent allowance. After this, those living in Y category cities will get Rs 3600 per month and then those living in Z category cities will get house rent allowance of Rs 1800 per month.

This is how the category is determined

Cities with a population of more than 50 lakhs come in the X category. Central employees in these cities will get 27% house rent allowance. In Y category cities it will be 18% and in Z category the house rent allowance will be 9%.

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