Afghan women will also play cricket under Taliban rule? ACB chairman gave indications


Afghanistan Cricket Board Statement: After the capture of the Taliban in Afghanistan, there have been constant apprehensions about women’s rights there. Before the rule of the Taliban, women in Afghanistan used to participate at the international level in all sports including cricket. However, now everyone’s future has been questioned. Meanwhile, the acting chairman of the Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) Azizullah Fazli has said that he will give a clear position about how women will be able to play cricket in the country.

What did the acting chairman of the Afghanistan Cricket Board say
Azizullah Fazli, the acting chairman of the Afghanistan Cricket Board, said that all 25 players of the women’s team are in Afghanistan and have not left the country. Fazli said, “We will give a clear position on how we will allow women to play cricket. Very soon we will give good news on how we will proceed on this.” Fazli said, “Women’s cricket coach Diana Barakzai and her players are safe and living in their respective homes in the country. Many countries asked them to leave Afghanistan but they did not leave the country and at present they are all in their places. “

What did the deputy head of the Taliban Cultural Commission say
Fazli’s latest statement is in contrast to Ahmadullah Wasik, deputy head of the Taliban Cultural Commission, who he told a radio broadcaster on Wednesday. Wasik had said that it is not necessary that women play other sports including cricket. He had said, “There can be a situation in cricket where their face and body are not covered.”

ACB urges Australia not to cancel Tests
Fazli has appealed to Cricket Australia not to cancel the one-off Test between the men’s teams of Afghanistan and Australia to be held in Hobart in November this year. He said, “We request Cricket Australia not to delay the historic cricket match between Afghanistan and Australia.”

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