Adult Model | Boyfriend betrayed in love, at the age of 18, this girl became a famous adult model. Navabharat

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Mumbai : When you are in love with someone and trust him blindly, then you are ready to do anything for his happiness, but when your trust breaks with him then all the happiness in the world is false to you. It seems. Today we are going to tell you about a girl who is a famous adult model because of the deception given by her boyfriend.

life changed like this

Yes you heard it right. The name of this girl is Gabby Gardez. Who sent her intimate pictures to her boyfriend. Gabby was 13 years old at that time. Her boyfriend had leaked her intimate pictures at the age of just 13. After such an incident, he had to be very humiliated in front of the family. Not only this but his classmates also made fun of him. After which Gabby started living her life in a different way.

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earns by selling pictures

According to media reports, Gabby launched her OnlyFans account in February 2022. Where Gabby achieved tremendous success. At the age of just 18, Gabby has acquired all the comforts for herself by selling photos on the adult site. Surprisingly, he has no regrets on his career. Apart from this, Gabby also has more than a million followers on Instagram. Gabby keeps giving updates of her photos and glamorous life to her followers every day.

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