Abhishek Abhay: Youngest 20-year-old Social Media Marketing Expert & Founder of thedadmedia.com

Today we are going to talk about a young digital marketer Mr Abhishek Abhay who lives in Muzaffarpur, Bihar. He is currently pursuing his bachelor degree in electronics and communication engineering. He has been working in the field of “Digital Marketing” for the last three years and having very sound knowledge of this field. He is the founder of the thedadmedia.com website.

Abhishek Abhay – Founder of thedadmedia.com

As he has been working in this field for the last three years, so he is having an excellent knowledge of advertising and promotion of things like songs or any digital products.

He is the founder of the thedadmedia.com website. This website deals with everything like music promotion, Youtube promotion of videos, Facebook marketing and Instagram marketing. He has just started working on various platforms of digital marketing. Most of his clients are foreigners and are well established in their field of excellence.

Abhishek Abhay has a very positive attitude towards his life, and he works with his full dedication to make his clients happy. He always says that “ You should always be positive to see the positiveness in others and to spread positive energy around you”. In his thoughts, you have to be ambitious to be successful because of your ambition and dedication towards your goal make you successful in your life.

You can contact him on Instagram @abhishekabhay_official.

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