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Aankhon Ki Thakan Dur Karne Ke Upay: If a problem starts in the eyes once, then immediately one should be careful. Because it can also prove to be dangerous in the future. It is obvious that today’s lifestyle is also creating many problems for the eyes. Social media addicted people are using their phones 24 hours a day, then someone has to spend a lot of time in front of the screen due to their work. Apart from this, due to changing weather, pollution and lack of essential elements in the body, there is a lot of effect on the eyes.

The most common problem out of this is tiredness in the eyes and burning in the eyes. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you about some such home remedies, by which you can get rid of both these problems. So let us know about the remedies to remove eye fatigue (Aankhon Ki Thakan Dur Karne Ke Upay)-

Eye fatigue (Photo Credits – Social Media)

Eye fatigue (Aankhon Mein Thakan Ki Wajah)

If your eyes are tired, then there could be many reasons for this.

Using computer, laptop or mobile for many hours.

Because of environmental pollution.

Because of changing weather.

From using contact lenses.

Because of not getting enough sleep.

Lack of water in the body can also be a reason.

By taking more medicines.

This problem can also happen due to some disease.

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How to get rid of tired eyes (Aankhon Ki Thakan Kaise Dur Kare)


If there is burning and fatigue in the eyes, then potato can get you rid of these problems. It is also quite easy to use. The best thing is that you will not even need to spend much to do this remedy. Because potato is available in everyone’s house. Simply slice a potato and place it on the eyes and lie down. This will give you relief. You can also keep potatoes in the fridge before using it. It will also get you rid of dark circles.

castor oil

It is known that castor oil is famous for removing not one, not two, but many eye problems. This removes fatigue very quickly. To use it, take a piece of cotton and dip it in oil. Squeeze again and place it on your eyes. This will remove your fatigue.


How much relief do you get just by listening to cold milk? And this remedy is really very effective too. Many ingredients present in it help you in eliminating eye problems. If you want, you can clean the eyes with cold milk. Or you can dip cotton in it and keep it on your eyes. This will also end the burning sensation and fatigue will also go away.

tea bag

How many people are fond of tea? But tea is not to be drunk to relieve eye fatigue. Rather keep it on the eyes. Yes.. Tea bags for the eyes are also no less useful. You just keep the tea-bags in the fridge for a while. Then dip it in water and squeeze it lightly. Now lie down with it on your eyes. In a short time you will also get to see the result.

Aloe vera gel

Now who is ignorant of the benefits of Aloe Vera Gel…is it or not…Know how much Aloe Vera, rich in medicinal properties, helps in relaxing the eyes. In such a situation, if you are suffering from eye fatigue or irritation persists, then you can use aloe vera gel. All you have to do is add a little water to 1-2 teaspoons of aloe vera gel. Then dip cotton wool in it and keep it on your eyes. Less effort and a lot of impact.

Rose water

Rose water is also considered very useful for maintaining eye health. Eye fatigue is also removed by using it. Make a patch by dipping cotton wool in rose water. Then keep them on your eyes for a while. Then you will see how the eye pain ends.

Cucumber is also beneficial

Cucumber has a high water content, so it soothes the eyes by eliminating eye irritation. You have to use it like potato too. Cut the cucumber into thin slices and keep it in the fridge for a while. Then put it on your eyes.

Irrigate with Aaro’s water

If you have pain in your eyes, then you can also compress it with Aro water. Heat the water a little and put cotton wool in it. Then squeeze it lightly and place it on your eyes. This will give rest to your eyes.

cinnamon tea

If fatigue persists in the eyes, then you can also drink cinnamon tea. This will reduce the strain on your eyes and relax them.


If you want to get instant relief from fatigue, then exercise is also the best option. This will also make the eyesight brighter. One of the most common exercises is to generate energy by rubbing both your palms together. Then massage the eyes when it is hot. It is also very relaxing.

Note- This news has been made on the basis of general information, so please consult a doctor before following these measures. Also, if the pain persists, definitely go to the doctor.

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