Now mobile customers having postpaid connection may get the shock of expensive bill!

Postpaid Mobile Tariff: Postpaid customers of telecom service companies may get a shock of expensive mobile bills. After increasing the prepaid mobile tariff by 20 to 25 percent, telecom companies are now preparing to increase the postpaid mobile tariff. It is believed that to improve financial health, these companies can now increase the postpaid tariff as well.

Postpaid tariff will be expensive after prepaid!

Telecom experts believe that after the decision to increase the prepaid tariff, telecom companies can also increase the post tariff in the next few days. Even if companies increase the postpaid tariff, their health is not affected. Because there is no fear of losing customers. Postpaid subscribers do not port numbers quickly. Postpaid customers keep postpaid connections in those companies whose services they trust. However, in comparison to this, prepaid customers port the maximum number.

Postpaid customers are important in terms of revenue

Postpaid segment is very important in terms of revenue of telecom companies. Postpaid customers account for about 5 percent of the active subscribers, while 15 percent of the revenue to telecom companies comes from the postpaid segment. About 50-60 per cent of the subscribers are enterprise customers and 34 per cent of the postpaid subscribers come from the three metro cities of the country and 36 per cent from A-Circle. Earlier, in the month of July, Bharti Airtel had increased the postpaid tariff for corporate users. Vodafone Idea is at number one with 43% market share in terms of postpaid customers. Bharti Airtel has 28 percent stake in this segment.

Tariff is cheapest in India

In fact, due to the fierce competition, the mobile tariff in India is the cheapest, due to which the entire telecom sector has to bear the brunt. Due to this, the government has also had to give bailout packages to the telecom companies. In such a situation, telecom service providers want to improve their financial health at any cost. This is the reason that after the increase of prepaid tariff, now the possibility of increasing postpaid tariff has increased.

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