Zika virus in Kanpur: The havoc of Zika virus continues in Kanpur, the number of new patients found 10 reached 89. 1 News Track English

Zika virus in Kanpur: The havoc of Zika virus infection is increasing slowly in Kanpur. According to the report late on Monday evening, 10 new Zika virus symptoms have been confirmed in Kanpur. Due to which now the number of people infected with Zika virus in Kanpur has increased to 89. If sources are to be believed in the report on Saturday, 7 men and 3 women have confirmed the infection. And so far in Kanpur. 89 Zika infected have been found, of which 62 are men and 27 are women.

It is on the most patients

Kanpur (Kanpur today news) has the highest number of Zika virus patients in Air Force Complex, Tiwaripur Bagia, Badli Purva, Ompurwa, Kakori, Lal Bungalow, Harjinder Nagar, Adarsh ​​Nagar, Lalkurti, Kajikheda, Koyla Nagar, Girija Nagar, Zika virus has been found infected in Tulsi Nagar, Bhavani Nagar and Shyam Nagar E block area.

Samples sent for 3767

The Health Department has collected samples of fever sufferers and pregnant women with symptoms of Zika virus infection. So far, samples of more than 3767 people have been collected and tested by King George Medical, Lucknow. University and the National Institute of Virology, Pune.

patients can increase

According to health department sources, Zika virus infection may increase rapidly in the month of November. Due to which the number of patients will increase rapidly in the coming days. For which the health department has started the work of arranging medical related arrangements at a fast pace and the same clear guidelines have been given by the district administration. In view of the increasing number of cases, complete arrangements should be made to fight the Zika virus in hospitals as well.

what did the officer say

Dr. GK Mishra, Additional Director Medical Health and Family Welfare, Kanpur Division informed that 10 more Zika virus infected have been found, surveillance teams have been set up in Zika affected areas. Door to door survey, sampling, source reduction, cleanliness, drug spraying and awareness campaigns are being conducted.

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