Zelensky to attend NATO meeting

Kyiv, Ukrainian President Voldimir Zelensky will take part in the meeting of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to be held this month. NATO Deputy Secretary-General Mirsia Joen has told that the President of Ukraine has been invited to this summit to be held on 28-29 June. This NATO meeting will be held in Madrid, Spain. It is worth noting that Russia attacked Ukraine only after telling the possibility of joining NATO and fierce fighting is going on for more than one hundred days.

However, Mircia Joen said – for the first time in the summit, NATO partners in the Pacific region – Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea will also attend the meeting. The meeting will discuss the open door policy and expansion of NATO. He said- We will also talk about the situation in Ukraine. Zelensky will be with us during this time. We expect Finland and Sweden to join NATO soon.

Joen said that before the NATO meeting, a meeting of NATO Defense Ministers is to be held on June 15-16. This meeting will take place in Brussels. Defense ministers of Georgia, Finland, Sweden and Ukraine have also been invited. The meeting will be chaired by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. It is worth noting that recently Finland and Sweden have applied for NATO membership. Russia’s problems have increased because of this. NATO expansion is a sensitive issue for Russia. He calls it a threat to his national security. He does not want any country in Europe to be involved in this anymore.

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