Zelensky calls Putin a terrorist at the UN

United Nations, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Tuesday urged Russian President Vladimir Putin to expel Russia from the United Nations, accusing him of being a terrorist and leading a terrorist state. Addressing a UN Security Council meeting via video conferencing, Zelensky urged the establishment of an international tribunal to investigate and hold accountable Russia’s work on Ukrainian soil.

Zelensky said – We have to take immediate action to stop these killings being done by Russia. He warned that failing to do so, Russia’s terrorist acts would spread to other European countries and Asia as well. Zelensky said – Putin has become a terrorist. Carrying out terrorist acts every day, not stopping even on weekends. Every day they are behaving like terrorists.

Urging the United Nations to exclude Russia, he referred to Article 6 of the United Nations Charter, which states that a member state, which has consistently violated the principles of the current Charter, may be terminated at the request of the Security Council. Can be expelled from the organization by the General Assembly. However, it is virtually impossible to expel Russia, as it is a permanent member of the Security Council and can use a veto to prevent any such action against itself.

At the end of his speech, Zelensky urged members of the Security Council and others to stand and pay tribute to the millions of Ukrainian children and adults who died in the war. At Zelensky’s request, all members, including Russia’s Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations, Dmitry Polansky, stood up. The Russian ambassador, however, termed the Ukrainian president’s video address as a violation of council conventions and existing principles, according to which any leader must be present in the chamber to make his point of view.

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