Youth using puppets to create awareness on gender issues in tea gardens

Guwahati. A group of youth from Assam is spreading awareness in the state’s tea gardens through a puppet show about social evils like child marriage and gender violence, and youth, Especially, Convincing girls to complete their formal education. a group based in Guwahati ,puppet people, The members use puppetry as an alternative method of storytelling to deliver important social messages. This group was formed to better understand these issues to the tea garden workers. ,song and dance, They are also resorting to

,puppet people, Drishana Kalita, founder of,we have five 10 In five tea gardens of Udalguri district between December 11 Programs done. We give a five minute song and dance performance through puppets. then using puppets ,immortal hope, named 15 Presents a minute play.,

This puppet show is supported by the United Nations against gender violence. 16 day is part of the annual event which 25 started in November and 10 Finished in December. Kalita said that the entire program was presented in the local Sadri language and the characters of the play were developed in such a way that the audience could relate to them.

They said,In the tea garden areas, the practice of girls leaving their studies midway and getting married at an early age is very prevalent. We have come to know about this in our own research. The main character of the play is Asha, a teenage girl who belongs to a family of tea garden workers. Through this character we try to show how wrong decisions can lead to life long problems.,

The program was presented inside the plantation during the lunch hour of the workers. This was followed by evening performances near market squares inside their homes or gardens. Kalita said,The first presentation was mostly confined to women. But the second performance had a mixed audience, including children and men.

Shubham Bangwal

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