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Young Digital Expert, Saurabh Patel has come a long way in his journey

The entire world is taken over by Digital media. Digital Marketing is one the best professions one can make a career in. One can create genuine customer value and establish the audience’s association with any particular brand. And therefore we introduce you to one of the finest digital marketing experts, Saurabh Patel who hails from Godhra and has his work speak for him in the entire Gujarat State. Marketing has been his forte and he loves to market anything and everything on the digital space.

Social Media apps like Facebook and Instagram who have an ever-growing demand played a very important role in his career graph. Initially Saurabh spent a lot of his time learning the basics of marketing via the internet. He garnered knowledge about digital marketing with the help of YouTube. Later, the young guy improvised his skills and implemented his strategies on the campaigns where he worked as a freelance marketer.

It was a very tough decision for Saurabh to choose a career in digital marketing. Like every teenager, he was in a dilemma what to do after study. He gave a try and started learning about digital marketing on his own.He gradually started developing his interest and made his career in it.The innovative marketing skills of Saurabh Patel has brought in a lot of clients under his name and looks like he made the right choice by choosing his career path in digital marketing.

Saurabh started his entrepreneurship career at a very tender age. He is pursuing his graduation in B.com. In such a short span he has gained a good name in the entertainment industry. He is the founder of Dhollywood Life, an entertainment portal for the Gujarati film industry. The portal is all about promoting the best talents from Gujarati cinema and gives timely updates about celebrities lifestyles, their did’s and didn’ts, movie reviews, song release and much more related to gujarati industry. Dhollywood Life is a result of Aastha Sutharia and Saurabh Patel’s collaboration. While the former holds great expertise in editorial and writing, the latter is a social media genius with extraordinary marketing skills.

Besides the entertainment portal, the duo recently also launched the exclusive E-magazine of Dhollywood which is a web platform for all the information about Gujarat’s leading celebrities. Saurabh Patel is an inspiration for every young person who dreams big. He has proved how hard work can turn any dream into reality

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