You will also get angry after hearing such orders issued by the fundamentalists in Afghanistan.

Islamabad | Afghanistan Talibani Order : Since the establishment of the Taliban Rajd in Afghanistan, the process of people leaving there has started. The people there were ready to leave the country under any circumstances. Those who were left had hope that things would get better with time. However, it was wrong to expect such expectations from the rulers of the Taliban. Now once again the fundamentalists are flouting those repressive orders for the past few days, which are reminiscent of their harsh rule in the late 1990s. are happening.

Ban on girls going to school

Girls in Afghanistan have been banned from going to school beyond the sixth grade.

A male relative has been banned from boarding the plane alone without women.

Men and women can only go to public parks on different days.

The use of mobile phones is prohibited in universities.

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BBC services also banned

Afghanistan Talibani Order : International media, including BBC services in two of Afghanistan’s languages ​​- Pashto and Farsi – were suspended over the weekend. Similarly, the broadcast of foreign drama series has also been stopped. After 20 years of war in Afghanistan, the US and NATO withdrew and the Taliban took control of the country in mid-August 2021. After this, the international community was concerned that he would reintroduce strict laws in Afghanistan during his previous rule.

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