Yamuna still above danger mark in Delhi

New Delhi. The level of Yamuna river in Delhi has started receding after rising above the danger mark by 206 meters and with this Haryana has started water flow from Hathnikund barrage in Yamunanagar. has reduced.

Officials said on Wednesday that the level of Yamuna is expected to recede further in the next two to three days as Delhi and the catchment area of ​​the river are not receiving much rain. The Yamuna flooded in Delhi on Tuesday due to which about 6.5 thousand people living in low-lying areas had to be evacuated and rail traffic on the old Yamuna bridge had to be suspended.

The water level in the river had risen to 206.59 meters at 7 am, which was above the danger mark (205.33 metres) and the highest level since August 2019. The water level in the river dropped to 206.58 meters at 8 am.

A senior government official said they have deployed a large number of civil defense workers in low-lying areas to prevent people from returning to their homes till the river level returns to normal. About 37 thousand people live in these areas of Delhi.

East Delhi District Magistrate Anil Banka said, “Most of the people have themselves gone to safer places. The Delhi administration pulled out about six and a half thousand of them and sent them to community centres, schools and makeshift camps.” (Language)

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