Xplained: Know the full ABCD of earning from NFT, you can become rich by investing like bitcoin!


NFT Explainer: NFT has been heard a lot for the last several days, but do you know what is this NFT and how it works. In this time of digitization you need to know about NFT. This is not just a token but can also be a good option for you to earn and invest. Its full name is non-fungible token (NFT). It was launched a few days ago in India by Amitabh Bachchan. After this, Salman Khan also discussed about a similar token bollycoin in India. So today we tell you the complete ABCD of non-fungible token, what is it and how it works and what is its specialty-

What is NFT?
Non-fungible tokens can also be called cryptographic tokens. Let us tell you that if any such technical art, about which it is claimed that it is unique and its ownership is beyond a particular person, then we can call it NFT. The special thing is that nowadays investors are very attracted to such things in the market and can be invested in it online. NFTs are unique tokens that generate value in the market.

How does NFT work?
Explain that NFT is used for digital assets or goods. NFT does not trade on any standard and traditional exchanges. You can buy or sell it only in the digital market place.

You can also earn through gaming
Talking about digital gaming, it is considered very important in this segment. People are also earning money with the help of this. For example, if you talk about a virtual race track, then in return, other players will have to pay money to use it.

New concept for the people of India
According to market experts, NFT is a completely new concept for the people of India. It may take time for people here to understand it and catch its trend. Apart from this, the crypto exchange is set to become the first company in India to launch it in India, which has been named Dazzle.

works like bitcoin
NFT is a token similar to bitcoin, but it promotes digital art, music, film, games, similar to the way ledger entry is done when sending bitcoins. In the same way, entry can be done for NFT as well.

may have to wait for good profit
If we talk about investment, then investors may have to wait for a long time to earn profit on NFT. Along with this, it may also happen that there is a lot of desire for that particular coin in the market, but the person selling it is not ready to sell it. Apart from this, it may also happen that the value of a souvenir of another country or a coin of a particular museum is too high for the person in front, while on the other hand, it may not have any special value in the eyes of another person. So in this way you may have to wait for a while to earn good money on its investment.

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