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Xi Jin, Putin, Modi, who is smarter?

The answer is Chinese President Xi Jinping. The proof is the Shanghai Cooperation Organization or SCO meeting. Who created this organization? Formed in 2001 on the initiative of China. Why? So that the four Central Asian countries that broke away from the Soviet Union came under its control. These countries did not join the multilateral forum of Western countries. Then China also added Russia, Pakistan, Iran and India for mutual cooperation. Obviously a Chinese fabric of business and business with politics. Just as India had built SAARC on its axis and considered regional interests, China built the fabric of Central Asia. Where SAARC is the tableau of India’s failures, SCO is the proof of China’s supremacy. If you look at its member countries one by one, all the countries are dependent markets of China. China and its President Xi Jinping their Big Boss!

Consider Russia, the organization’s superpower country. Russian President Putin met with Xi Jinping on the sidelines of the meeting and he clarified on reports of Xi Jinping losing to Ukraine. Not a trivial matter, Putin himself said just before his 15 September meeting that China was “worried with more questions” about the situation in Ukraine. We will explain our position in today’s meeting!’

Imagine Putin explaining the defeat in Ukraine to Xi Jinping and asking for help.

Isn’t this proof of Xi Jinping’s ingenuity? Xi Jinping holds laddoos in both hands. Putin more dependent on him now. He is taking cheap oil and gas from Russia, while also selling goods to him. Filling your currency into Russia. His and grandeur apart in the entire sphere of influence of Russia. The President of Belarus also came and expressed a favor to China. The member countries of the ACCO organization are Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Pakistan as well as Russia and the new member Iran on Xi Jinping’s godfather status.

Then the question is, if the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi has gone to Samarkand and attended the SCO meeting of Chinese supremacy, then what to think? Is he smarter than Xi Jinping? Is China bowing to the Chinese and Indian troops’ consent to retreat in the two areas of Ladakh? After beating Xi Jinping, will PM Modi get the Chinese troops to retreat from other places as well? Is Xi Jinping scared of India? Are they determined that they will not allow India’s alliance with America-Japan or Western countries? China has recognized the importance of India? So will his stand on the border change?

There is no doubt that China’s decision to end the face-off standoff between troops on the two sides of the border was due to Narendra Modi’s presence at the SCO meeting. Why? So that America, Europe, Japan, Australia get a message that India is not their partner as they believe. China can keep India neutral. can be stopped. In the coming years, when it will show grandeur in Taiwan and the Indo-Pacific, the area will be the center of global power testing, then India will be with China as it has been with Russia in Ukraine recently.

What is the biggest benefit to China from this in the future? India will neither belong here nor there. The world will be confused. India itself and its people will remain confused about China’s long-term intentions. On the one hand, from Northeast India, Arunachal Pradesh to Ladakh, China will continue to build solid military preparedness, solid infrastructure and India is relying on it.

Will this trickery not be understood by External Affairs Minister Jaishankar and Prime Minister Narendra Modi? Definitely understand. But what if you do? Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Jaishankar and we of India live in today or only in the present. Therefore, as Putin has a dependence on Xi Jinping today, so is the dependence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it is compulsion that business should also run with China and also maintain the pretense of winning from China in diplomacy among the people.

I am this farce, it is a deceit that India is retreating from the line of border patrolling of Indian soldiers till April-2020. Now our soldiers will not patrol the area till April 2020. This is such a situation that someone enters the boundary of your or my house, takes possession and then we accept the agreement that the boundary area is mine and not theirs. We understand the kindness of Xi Jip Ping of China that he is asking the army to retreat. However, the condition is that Indian soldiers will not patrol till the mark of April-2020!

So who’s smart? Who bowed? Who is losing the land of his possession? Has India lost or not?… Is the Government of India and the mind of Indians not even capable of thinking that two years ago, China pushed us back, so being pushed from there is victory or defeat? Is India’s army spraying from its territory or China? Is it by capturing the land of India or withdrawing it from its territory? Along with making tremendous infrastructure of road-camp-bridge etc. in their area.

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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