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Wow! Those dreams and today’s destination

Hello. Today is August 15th. Exactly 75 years ago at midnight, Pandit Nehru addressed the nation and the world on the promise of destiny. What was his essence? Dream Flight! Yes, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had told the world, ‘While the world is sleeping, India will rise to the side of life and freedom. Take it!..we have to work hard and hard to get the dreams off the ground. These dreams may be of India but these dreams are also of the whole world because today all nations and peoples are intertwined with each other in such a way that no one can imagine living completely apart…Jai Hind!

It is also worth mentioning this sentence of Pandit Nehru’s dream and resolve, ‘Service to India means service to crores of suffering people. It means the end of poverty, ignorance, diseases and inequality of opportunity.

It was Pandit Nehru’s Idea of ​​India. The whole world was stunned to hear him. The world had understood that sentence as the nectar word and the nectar resolve of the Indians. After all, hundreds of years of slavery, poverty, illiteracy and a community divided into caste and creed had told the resolution of hard work with a dream.

Meditate on the resolve to eradicate poverty, ignorance, diseases and inequality of opportunity and India’s service to the entire humanity!

On the evening of 14th August 1947, Maharishi Shri Aurobindo gave a pre-independence message. For this All India Radio had requested him. His saying was originally in English. Its essence is in these Hindi sentences, ’15 August 1947 is the birthday of independent India. This day marks the end of the old era and the beginning of a new era for India. But we can also make it such an important day by our life and work as an independent nation, which will prove to be a new era for the political, social, cultural and spiritual future of all mankind for the whole world. 15 August is also my birthday.…It is a matter of happiness for me…The first dream in my dreams was a revolutionary movement, which would make India independent and united. India has become independent today but it has not achieved unity. ‘The Constituent Assembly has made it possible by showing foresight, which will solve the problem of the Depressed Classes without any rift and tussle. But the old communal distinction between Hindus and Muslims seems to have solidified as the country’s permanent political divisions. It is to be hoped that this decided partition will not be taken as a stone line and will be treated as nothing more than a temporary and temporary measure because if it persists, India may become terribly weak and crippled.…. Civil animosity will remain….by whatever means, by whatever means, partition must be removed. Unity must and will be established because it is a necessary step for the future greatness of India.

He further said, ‘I have another dream that the people of Asia should be revived, they should be free so that they return to their great place in the work of progress of human civilization. .…. I have seen another dream, a world federation will be formed which will be the basis for building a right, rational, bright future and ideal life for the entire human race. The work of unification of all human beings of the world has started, although it is half-completed, there are many difficulties, but there is desire and enthusiasm, it should grow further, it should be successful in it. India seems to be taking an important role in this matter. And if he can develop a broad-sighted statesmanship, which is not limited to present events and immediate possibilities, but to the future…. International attitudes and attitudes must develop.… My ultimate dream is that the next step in evolution is to raise man into a higher and greater consciousness so that it is possible to solve the problems that have puzzled and perplexed man ever since. Troubled, ever since he started thinking and dreams of individual perfection and perfect society’.

After Maharishi Arvind, now consider the dreams of Veer Savarkar. One of his nectar words is, ‘One nation, one God, one caste, without doubt, without differences, all brothers of one mind’!… The second noteworthy sentence of his India contemplation and dream is, ‘The action done with knowledge is successful. Because knowledge-based work is beneficial for the society. The more difficult it is to acquire knowledge, the more difficult it is to maintain it. Till then man takes concrete steps, can not achieve progress, if he lacks political, historical, economic and administrative knowledge’.… Another sentence of his is, ‘Lower than all subjugations is subjugation, political subjugation and here is the door of hell. Is’.

Consider, what is the essence of the representatives of these three different ideas of the time of independence? To build India by hard work on the basis of broad broad vision, full humanity, international spirit and knowledge, intelligence, truth. ….to eradicate civil animosity and division in the society. Eliminate poverty, ignorance, inequality of opportunity. Eradicate caste, illiteracy, superstition. Eliminate all forms of subordination of citizens. Whether it is the civilian life of the country’s system, officers and the system, or the terrorist-arrogant behavior of the Prime Ministers, the rulers, there may be discord, anguish and despair-frustration in the country. What a wonderful thought of Savarkar was that ‘the lowest of all subjugation is subjugation, political subjugation and here is the door of hell’.

He believes that on any pretext, to consider any one leader as God, to depend on him, to ignore the truth and to live in devotion and destiny is really lowly subservience.

That’s why India’s question of 75 is taken that are we Indians really enjoying freedom? In 75 years, amongst Pandit Nehru, Maharishi Arvind, Veer Savarkar or Gandhi-Tilak, Hedgewar, Golwalkar, Ram Manohar Lohia, Subhash Chandra Bose, Sardar Patel, MN Rai, Jayaprakash Narayan, Shripad Dange, Namboodiripad etc., whose dream and resolve has sprung into the present stage. Do you understand that it has come true? Neither poverty decreased nor ignorance, superstitions ended. There is no equality of opportunities. The civil disharmony and division in the society leads India to the fear of Mr. Aurobindo that India could be horribly weak and crippled. So making you unemployed or doing begari. Not only knowledge-science and eternal truth from education, but from the prime minister to the common psyche have been painted in superstitions and black magic sorcery. The resolve that we have to work the hardest to make our dreams come true has died out because of the loot and corruption of India’s laws, its rulers, system and machinery. Settling abroad has become an option for the enterprising-man, the wise. Politicians and the system have created new East India companies of loot. No one has equal opportunity or convenience for hard work. Think, 75 years in the nectar period of India, if 80-100 crore people are living in free ration, five hundred, thousand and two thousand rupees, then is it to become capable of Indians?… India’s independence for political, social, cultural and spiritual future is proving to be an inch of bringing new age!

So what to say – Glory to freedom! Rajendra Mathur, a great editor of Hindi, on 15 August 1967, after twenty years of independence, had given the title of his article – Swatantrata ki Jai. Rajendra Mathur’s question was in the gleeless atmosphere of that time – we blame freedom but what have we given to freedom? The reasoning he had with this question seemed to me to be correct at one point of time.

But now, 55 years later, I argue that the nation, which has been subjected to a thousand years of slavery, has given freedom only which is in its DNA. Ignorance, superstitions, alleged incarnations, devotion, luck, hunger and fear in the DNA of slavery Because we Hindus have lived for hundreds of years, freedom has got us what is at our core! We have been accustomed to the lowly subordination, its members and fear and hunger, so in 75 years we have made that very nature strong again. The dreams have not come true, but are on the path of disintegration of history and indigenous slavery. It was Nehru’s fault, today it is Narendra Modi and it is the Hindus who fueled the basic nature of subjugation. Made Indians a slave to power, its refuge, its hunger and its fear. Transformed democracy into aristocratic-bureaucratic system. Independence turned Indian rulers into idols. Made people to perform their worship and aarti. Considering him as an incarnation, 75 years of independence did not make Indians aware of independence, self-realization, knowledge, modern awareness, but humility, became their refuge. Majority of the people are spending their lives in the salt, ravadis, charitable and charity of the Mai-Baap government.

If all this is nectar, then you must say it out loud – Freedom ki Jai!

And yes, while listening to the Prime Minister’s speech at the Red Fort, definitely understand that what is the truth and result of his hard work in the dreams of 15 August 1947? What is the essence of the dreams, thoughts and visions of Nehru, Arvind and Savarkar? Are they arrogant or aware of Sri Aurobindo’s apprehension that India could be terribly weak and crippled?

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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