Wow! This company is giving gold in salary!

A company in England is giving employees gold in exchange for their salary

Every company has some or the other policy to take special care of its employees. Some companies make their employees happy by giving incentives along with salary, while some companies offer bonus and additional leave. Every company pays attention to its employees according to its own policy. One such company is getting a lot of headlines on social media due to its special policy. This company had also talked about one thousand percent profit for the employees.

Let us tell you that the price of gold continues to rise these days. Even though there has been a slight decline in gold prices, but gold has now crossed 50. Meanwhile, a company in England is giving gold to employees in lieu of salary. Yes, in England the name of this company is Tallymoney. They believe that the situation in Corona is so bad that they are giving gold to the employees for future benefits.

At present, 20 people occupying senior posts of the company are being given gold as per the policy. If they get the benefit of this then this facility will be started for other employees of the company as well. At present, this policy has been launched on a trial basis. Company CEO Cameron Perry said that Corona’s condition has worsened. In such a situation there is no point in paying employees in pounds as its value is depreciating.

Cameron says employees will benefit from investing in gold. It will be in the hands of the employees whether they want to take cash salary or gold. The new policy is being discussed on social media. People are praising this company, which has already planned to face the financial crisis and has also thought about its employees.

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