World’s least populous country, home to as many people as a big family

Britain’s very useful place during the Second World War is an independent nation since 1969, the population of the country named Sealand is only 27 people.

There are huge countries like Russia, Brazil, Australia, America and India on one side in the world, whose settlement is in crores and on the other side there are some small countries. Among all these countries, there is a country about which you will be surprised to know because the population of the country named Sealand is only 27 people.

The total area of ​​this country looks like a tennis court from afar. Sealand has a surface area of ​​6000 square feet. It is located 12 km off the coast of Suffolk from England. This country is not even found on the world map due to its small size. Presently it is nothing more than an old fort which has become ruins.

Going back to history, the location was reportedly used by Britain as an anti-aircraft defensive gun item during World War II. In 1969 a chief named Roy Bates took over the site and declared it independent land. Roy Bates also issued the country’s postage stamps, passports and currency. On the currency is a picture of wife John Bates. Sealand has its own red, white and black flag.

After Roy Bates’ death in October 2006, his son Michael Bates is Prince of Ceylon. Like his father, he lives in Sealand with his wife Lauren and daughter Charlotte. This country with very little area does not have its own means of livelihood. They live in countries like Britain and with the help of tourists. However, Sealand is not yet recognized as an international country. Covering an area of ​​44 acres and a population of 500, the Vatican is still the smallest country in the world.

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