World’s 7th most expensive diamond stolen from India, showed up at the Met Gala, people furious on social media

Emma Chamberlain appeared at the Met Gala 2022 with a historic neckpiece that is claimed not to be of Emma but of Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala, Punjab

Many artists became the center of attraction this time at the Met Gala 2022. Among them, Kim Kardashian, seen in the iconic outfit of Marilyn Monroe, stood out. Apart from these, there were some other celebs who tried to do something different. Popular internet sensation Emma Chamberlain appeared at the Met Gala 2022 with a historic neckpiece.

According to reports, Emma wore a Maharaja Patiala Bhupinder Singh necklace with a Louis Vuitton outfit for the Met Gala red carpet. Emma looked like a queen in this cropped corset inspired top and ivory body-hugging skirt. He also added diamond studded tiaras to his jewelry. But more than her clothes and tiara, her Patiala neck chokerpiece caught everyone’s attention. It is being claimed that this neckpiece is not of Emma but of Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala in Punjab. Due to this the Indian people are furious.

Talking about the history of this necklace, in 1928, Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala had DeBeers Diamond. He ordered Cartier to make a necklace. Also said that DeBeers diamond should be placed in the center of the necklace. He commissioned Cartier to make this necklace. But the necklace suddenly disappeared after his son Maharaja Yadwinder Singh wore it in 1948. Which was recovered 50 years later by Eric Nussbaum, a representative of Cartier. Although these were just skeltons of the neckpiece. It did not have De Beers Stones and Burmese Rubies. So Cartiz planned to reassemble the necklace without the De Beers and other original stones.

Now when people saw Emma in this diamond necklace at the Met Gala, there was a discussion on social media. It was claimed that this is the necklace of Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala. Emma is the brand ambassador of Cartier and she wore this jewelery to the Met Gala. Seeing Emma in the historic necklace, Indian users on Twitter started scolding Emma. One user said that this diamond is ours and it should be returned to us. Another user wrote, ‘Thanks Cartier. This is the jewelery of the Maharaja of Patiala. This is jewelery stolen from our country, not fancy jewelery to be given to celebrities to wear. This is a gross insult.’

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