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World Heart Day: On the occasion of World Heart Day in the capital on Wednesday, a webinar was organized by ‘Pharmacist Federation Uttar Pradesh’ with the aim of creating awareness, prevention and treatment of heart diseases. Along with different countries, people from different parts of the country also participated in this.

Federation President Sunil Yadav said that ‘Today as the keynote speaker, Dr. Santosh Yadav, Senior Cardiologist of Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Hospital Civil Hospital (Dr. Santosh Yadav) gave complete information about heart diseases in the webinar. . Also, through statistics, made people aware that it is very important to have awareness about heart diseases.

death toll of heart patients

Dr Santosh Yadav told that ‘by making changes in lifestyle, we can avoid heart diseases. According to the data published in the ‘Lancet’, there were 13,000,000 deaths due to heart diseases in 1990, while in 2016 there were about 28,000,000 deaths. This means that people are not aware, there is a great need for awareness.’

What should a diabetic patient do?

He said that “diabetics who are overweight, who have had blockages in the heart arteries, who have had angioplasty or bypass surgery, all these people come under ‘risk factor’. They should take special care of their heart.”

These people are more prone to heart diseases

Dr Santosh Yadav said that patients with mild symptoms, moderate symptoms of Kovid-19 are at low risk of heart diseases. But patients with severe symptoms, patients who have been admitted to the intensive care unit of hospitals, may be at higher risk of heart diseases. So they need more caution.

People who have recovered from Kovid-19 need to consult a doctor before exercising more. Any exercise can be increased gradually. If any person is feeling weak, tired or short of breath while walking, then they should do Echo and ECG.

What if someone falls while walking?

The cardiologist of the Civil Hospital told that ‘even if someone’s sugar has increased suddenly, there can be symptoms of heart diseases. If the CRP is increasing, then that patient also needs to be done ECG, echocardiography.

If a person starts falling suddenly while walking and his pulse rate is not known, then he is immediately laid down and given cardiac massage 100 to 120 times in 1 minute, then his life can be saved. Information about CPR is necessary for the people associated with the medical profession as well as the common people.

It is necessary to have an ‘echocardiogram’ once a year

Dr Santosh said that ‘if someone’s family (grandparents, grandparents) has died at the age of below 45 years, or that person smokes, consumes alcohol or his blood sugar remains high. If he is overweight or his thyroid is low or high, then he should get an echocardiogram done immediately. Every person is required to have an echocardiogram and blood sugar and cholesterol tests once every year.

What to eat, what not to eat?

Senior cardiologist told that ‘everyone should keep abstinence in food and drink. Oil masala should be eaten less. Eat coarse grains. Eat less salt and flour. Eat less things inside the ground. Peeled lentils can be eaten. Refined is fatal for heart diseases. Consuming fruits is good for the body. Eat low calorie food. Walnuts, almonds, flaxseed and soybean can be eaten.

Don’t Use One Oil Consistently

Dr. Santosh Yadav said that “the cooking oil should be changed. The same oil should not be used continuously. Eating fenugreek reduces the risk of heart diseases. While eating eggs for non-vegetarians, its yellow substance should be removed.

At the same time, selfish can be eaten in fish. It is okay to eat chicken. But eating mutton is not good for heart patients. Every person should walk for 30 to 45 minutes at least, 3 to 4 kilometers, 10000 steps daily.

On the question asked regarding blood pressure of participant Santosh from Dubai, Dr. Santosh was informed that while checking blood pressure, keep in mind that you have not drunk tea or coffee half an hour before. Don’t come immediately. After taking some rest, it is advisable to check blood pressure in the evening or morning. At the same time, if the BP machine is kept above the level of the heart, then its reading is correct. If the blood pressure is continuously coming above 140, then a doctor’s advice should be taken.

In response to Pankaj Prasad’s question, he said that if anything is not understood and the patient is having chest pain, then do not ignore it. Rather he should be given the necessary medicines. After checking his BP, if the blood pressure is less than 150, then he must be given Ecosprin. After that he should be sent to the doctor.

If any patient is short of breath

In response to the question asked by Neeraj, he said that if the blood sugar is suddenly low, then give sugar solution in the mouth only when it can be swallowed, that is, the patient is conscious. It is advisable to give rasgulla. But if the patient is not conscious, giving him anything by mouth can be dangerous.

In response to the question of Ashok Kumar, General Secretary of the Federation, it was told that if any patient is having breathlessness after Kovid, then it should be seen after 3 to 4 minutes and the advice of the doctor is necessary.

On the question of Vasu Kushwaha of Prayagraj, he said that chest pain along with cough is not usually heart pain.

Responding to the query of Ajay Mehrotra from Bijnor, he said that blood pressure and sugar should be checked regularly even while taking Ayurvedic medicines.

At the end of the webinar, the Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Federation, Dr. Harlokesh Narayan proposed a vote of thanks to all. Federation General Secretary Ashok Kumar, Vice President Rajesh Singh, Rajiv Aggarwal, Subhash Srivastava and many other office-bearers were also associated.


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