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World Disability Day 2021: Disabled persons today are waving their name not only in the country but also abroad and are making India proud. In the Olympics too, flaunting their weaknesses, they are coming by winning medals. However, in spite of all this, persons with disabilities are not kept at par with others all over the world. In such a situation, to bring about a change in the behavior of people towards the disabled, to give them equal opportunities and to make people aware of their rights, self-respect, celebrating International Day of Disabilities was started all over the world.

Every year on 3rd December, International Day of Disabled (Vishv Viklang Diwas) or International Day of Persons with Disabilities is celebrated all over the world. International Day of Disability was started in the year 1992 on the recommendation of the United Nations General Assembly. Every year since 1992, it is being celebrated continuously all over the world with lots of success. A theme is also kept every year to celebrate this day. It is one of the most special days for people with disabilities.

What is Disability (Viklangta Kya Hai,

First of all know that what is a disability? If it is understood in simple language, then disability is such a physical or mental incapacity (deficiency), due to which a person is incapable of doing any work like normal people. In India, such a person is taken as a disability, who is not less than 40 percent of the victims of disability on medical grounds.

According to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO), about 15 percent of the world’s population is suffering from some kind of disability. In India this percentage is 2.21.

Types of Disability (Viklangta Ke Prakar,

Physical Disability

Mental Disability

Sensory Disability

What is a physical disability (Sharirik Viklangta Kya Hai),

When a part or part of a person’s body stops working or the part of the body is different from normal, then it is called physical disability (Sharirik Viklangta). In such a situation, a person finds it very difficult to lead a normal life. In simple words, a physical disability is a problem that affects one or more activities of a person’s life. Physical disability can also be due to birth, any disease or any accident.

risk factors for physical disability

Illness or infection during pregnancy.

Lack of oxygen at birth.

IQ of the parents is low.

Drug addiction or drug abuse by parents.

brain injury.


Don’t drink polio in childhood.

What are the symptoms of physical disability (Sharirik Viklangta Ke Lakshan),

The child has trouble walking, running, or doing any other physical activity.

Having problems with the deviation of the spine.

Poor ease when walking, sitting or getting up.

Not having all the upper and lower parts of the body.

On many occasions, the bones of the body break or fracture easily.

How To Avoid Physical Disability (Sharirik Viklangta Ke Upay),

On the occasion of Disability Day, we are going to tell you how you can avoid physical disability. Yes, if some important things are taken care of in the beginning, then children can avoid physical disability. As we mentioned that due to illness or infection during pregnancy, babies can also become victims of physical disabilities. In such a situation, the mother should note that avoid conceiving before the age of 18 or after 35 years. Women take good care of themselves during pregnancy. like-

Pregnant women should not forget to take tetanus vaccine.

Avoid lifting heavy items.

Do not use drugs, intoxicants, alcohol or tobacco at all.

Do not take unnecessary medicines during pregnancy.

Avoid X-rays or any kind of radiation.

Take care of yourself not only during pregnancy but also after delivery. Get the delivery done where all the facilities are available. Breastfeed your baby to avoid any kind of infection.

pay attention to children

Even after the birth of the child, the parents should pay full attention to it.

Children must be vaccinated to protect them from infectious diseases.

Do not hit the child on the ear, it can damage the eardrum and loss of hearing.

Avoid head injury or any kind of accident. If an injury occurs, please see a doctor.

Take good care of the food of the child. Balanced diet is very important in keeping children fit.

Keep away from dirty places.

By taking all these measures, you can keep your child away from physical disability. Apart from this, if a child is a victim of physical disability, then many such therapies are present in today’s time, from which this problem can be overcome.

Note- This news has been prepared on the basis of general information. So, before following these measures, please consult your doctor.

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