With this trick, not 5 but 250 people will be able to send messages on WhatsApp at the same time.

WhatsApp Feature: Apart from personal chat, the use of WhatsApp is also great for office and business work these days. There are many features on WhatsApp, due to which such a large number of people use it, but sometimes users feel the lack of some features. One of these is not having the option of sending messages to more than 5 people at once. Many times the same message has to be sent to more and more people, but due to being able to select only 5 people at a time, the message has to be sent several times. If you are also facing this kind of problem then definitely read this news. We will tell you such a trick by which you will be able to send messages to not only 5-10 but 250 people at a time.

here is the trick

The trick that we are going to tell to send messages to more than 5 people at once is very easy. You can take advantage of this by following these steps.

  • First of all open WhatsApp on the phone. Now in the top right side you will see three dots.
  • By clicking on these, you will get Newsgroup, New Broadcast, Linked Device and other options.
  • You have to click on New Broadcast option.
  • Now you will see all the numbers which are saved in your phone.
  • Click on the contact to whom you want to send the message.
  • You cannot select more than 250 contacts at a time.
  • After selecting the contact, now a symbol of your right will appear. Now click on this.
  • On clicking, a group will be created and you can send messages, files and photos etc. to all of them at once.

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