Will war break out across Europe?

Moscow/Kyiv, The Russian invasion of Ukraine is about to complete 50 days, but instead of ending the war, there are signs of escalation. Russia is preparing for a decisive attack and is redeploying troops. Along with this, he is also going to open another front. As soon as Finland has shown an attitude to join NATO, Russia has sent soldiers and armed vehicles towards the border of Finland. Sweden is also about to take the initiative to formally join NATO. It is believed that a big war can break out in many parts of Europe.

The Prime Ministers of both Finland and Sweden have held a meeting in Stockholm and all aspects related to security have been discussed. In view of the preparations of these two countries, Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned both the countries. Although both countries are ignoring the Russian warning. In such a situation, it is feared that apart from Ukraine, a new front of war may open and then it will not be easy for America and European countries to keep silent.

Meanwhile, satellite images have shown that Russia is preparing for a decisive attack on eastern Ukraine. British intelligence agencies have informed that the war in eastern Ukraine may intensify in the next two-three weeks. Russia is making great preparations for this. New satellite pictures of military activities have come to the fore. The Russian convoy deployment in Belgorod can be seen in this photo.

In fact, Russia has failed to capture Kyiv even in a 50-day war, and because of this President Putin is furious. Britain’s Defense Ministry has questioned the Russian military’s claim that everything is going according to plan. Britain said that the purpose with which Russia started the war has failed. So far, six Russian generals have been killed, while more than 2,000 defense equipment has been destroyed. On the other hand, Russia has claimed that 1,026 marines of Ukraine’s 36th Marine Brigade, including 162 officers, have surrendered in Mariupol.

On the other hand, Viktor Medvedchuk, a close aide of Russian President Vladimir Putin, has been arrested by Ukrainian intelligence agencies. President Volodymyr Zelensky also shared a photo of the arrested Medvedchuk on social media. According to reports, opposition leader Medvedchuk was placed under house arrest in Ukraine for treason before the Russian offensive began, but disappeared soon after the war broke out. Now President Zelensky has proposed to Russia that if Russia wants Medvedchuk to be safe, then free the prisoners of Ukraine. Ukraine has accused of kidnapping more than 35,000 civilians.

Himansh Verma

Himansh Verma is a senior journalist at Youthistaan who is writing for since 2018. Himansh covers latest news and trending topics.
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