Will take all possible steps to meet peak power demand of 230 GW in April: Secretary

New Delhi. The government will take all possible measures to meet the peak power demand of 230 GW a day in April next year. Electricity Secretary Alok Kumar has said this.

Power Minister RK Singh chaired a meeting on Wednesday last to review the preparedness to meet the peak power demand in April, 2023. The meeting was attended by Central Electricity Authority (CEA) Chairperson Ghanshyam Prasad and other senior government officials.

On the meeting, the power secretary told a media agency that the government would work on two things. The first is that the power generation capacity should be sufficient. For this, companies have been instructed to maintain their plants in a better way so that no issue arises at that time. Kumar said the peak or peak demand for power could reach 230 GW in April next year. As per official data, the highest power demand so far has been recorded at 201.06 GW on April 26, 2022

The other aspect which was discussed in the meeting was regarding the supply of coal. It was considered in the meeting to increase the production and supply of coal as much as possible. Regular meetings will be held with the Ministries of Coal and Railways in this regard.

Asked whether the government would also consider importing coal, the official said the government would take all possible steps to ensure uninterrupted power supply in April next year. Earlier this year, the power minister had asked state power generating companies (GENCOs) to import 10 per cent coal for blending purposes and lift the entire coal being delivered through the rail-cum-road route.

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