Will Modi fix the mistake of Gandhi-Nehru?

BhopalI Time has always been a slave of circumstances, seventy-five years ago, where India was happy to have achieved the much-awaited independence, there was also a feeling of partition in its heart, today after seventy-five years, during the nectar festival of independence, that pain was relieved. Mahatma Gandhi and Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru are being cursed by remembering, whereas today’s generation has no knowledge or realization of the then circumstances of that time and the pain of these senior leaders. The most surprising thing is that those who exhort Indian Muslims to go to Pakistan, today they want to give new life to their politics under the guise of Indian partition? How surprising is this?

There is no doubt that our forefathers, the fortune-tellers, must have endured so much suffering and fulfilled the insistence of Muhammad Ali Jinnah. We cannot even imagine it today, was this pain a result of the British being driven out of India or the circumstances of that time gave rise to the partition of India, this is a long debate and the process of “uprooting the dead”. It is not right to debate on this and make the whole of India suffer from the same pain, but if today’s power and its politics try to hide its shortcomings under the guise of this painful accident, then it will be called India’s misfortune. Not only this, the politics of today’s power is saying that every year before the annual festival of independence, remembering the horrors of the pre-Partition, its Samvatari should be celebrated.

Although it is true that seventy five years ago this pain given as a gift to India along with the happiness of independence was religion based, the same wound is still seeping as a canker and the whole of India is suffering from it. Millions of families were destroyed in this menace of man-made partition and after partition the entire humanity was scorched in the fire of violence, it is also true that never before had such a bloody displacement in human history, killing millions. thousands of families were displaced and separated from their loved ones We found that it was not only the division of the geographical boundary of a country, but it was the division of feelings, relationships and if you ask the truth, then hearts. ….and today, remembering all this, every heart definitely feels pain, but this sad history cannot be forgotten and it is also necessary to remember and make it happen because our new generation should take some education from this painful story and stop its repetition.

….but today it is a matter of regret that efforts are being made to do politics on it by reminding India of the same painful story, which people associated with power talk about going to Pakistan to the Muslims living in the country. Today, they are making the threat of partition a medium of politics, but today the country wants to ask the people associated with these power that if the mistake made by our ancestor leaders of dividing India seventy-five years ago, then the current Prime Minister Shriyut Narendra Bhai Modi ji could have done right, that is, can he again merge Pakistan with India under the spirit of ‘Akhand Bharat’? And if he succeeds in doing so, then his name will shine in Indian history even more effective than Nehru-Gandhi and in the current political situation when our Prime Minister is being seen by the whole world as a respected and charismatic personality, then in this direction. Efforts can also be made by India in this direction at the international level, but the unfortunate thing is that today’s politics is entangled in the debate of the immediate causes of the partition, so who can go beyond this? ….and of course, if the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, instead of cursing the horror of Partition, is actively involved in this campaign to correct that mistake of Gandhi-Nehru, then this ancient mistake can be rectified even today. And the fortune-tellers of the present India can be made the “shining stars” of the present history, because our Prime Minister himself does not consider any task impossible….

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