Will Mamta change her decision after meeting Sonia?

Margaret Alva, the opposition candidate for the post of Vice President, still hopes that Mamata Banerjee will change her decision. After appealing to him once, he has said again that there is still a lot of time and it is expected that Mamta Banerjee will change the decision. Keep in mind Mamta has decided that she will not participate in the Vice Presidential election. They are the second largest opposition party in both the houses of Parliament after the Congress. He has 36 MPs. If his party does not take part in the voting, then the votes of the opposition candidate will be very less and the victory margin of the NDA candidate will be huge. This will also send the message of disintegration of opposition parties, which is not good for opposition politics.

That is why it is being speculated that the decision may change after Mamata Banerjee’s meeting with Sonia Gandhi a day before the Vice Presidential election. Keep in mind Mamta Banerjee is coming on a five-day visit to Delhi, whose purpose is to talk about opposition unity. No matter how much pressure there is from the Centre, she is still helping the opposition parties. His police has helped the Congress and JMM government a lot by catching three Congress MLAs from Jharkhand with money. Therefore, it is expected that his stand may change after meeting Sonia Gandhi. However, his party is still crying out that he was not talked about in the selection of the candidate. But instead of supporting the opposition candidate, the decision to distance himself from the election has not been taken because of that. Its strings are related to the action of central agencies.

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