Will footballer Neymar go to jail?

In the year 2013, the matter is going on regarding the transfer of Neymar from Brazilian football club Santos to Barcelona Football Club.

Part of the French football club Paris Saint-Germain and the famous Brazilian football player Neymar Jr. could be in big trouble. There has been a big allegation of cheating against this footballer. Brazilian investment firm DIS has urged Neymar to be sent to jail for 2 years, making these serious allegations regarding the transfer of Neymar from Brazilian football club Santos to Barcelona Football Club in 2013.

Investment firm filed a case

According to the information, the Brazilian investment firm filed an appeal in a Spanish court, saying that according to the contract at the time when 17-year-old Neymar was part of Santos, the firm was fully entitled to 40 percent of Neymar’s work. DIS acquired these rights from Neymar for $2 million. In such a situation, Santos Football Club and Barcelona made a deal regarding the transfer of Neymar at a low amount, while the market value of Neymar was high at that time.

The matter had cropped up earlier too, Neymar had lost

Let us tell you that in 2017 also this matter was raised. At that time, Neymar had called all these allegations baseless, although he lost the appeal made in the High Court of Spain. Neymar’s team of lawyers is arguing that in 2017 or at any time, the Spanish court had no right to plead in the case because Neymar is a resident of Brazil.

World Cup will play for Brazil

Significantly, in the case, the company demands that Neymar be jailed for 2 years and pay a fine of $ 9.78 million. Apart from this, a demand has also been made for the former president of Barcelona, ​​Sandro Rossel, 5 years in jail and damages. Neymar will be seen playing for Brazil in the World Cup starting next month.

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