Will Fadnavis be able to work miracles again?

Former Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has once again put himself at stake after winning an additional seat in the Rajya Sabha elections. Elections are going to be held for 10 seats of Legislative Council in the state on June 20, in which BJP has fielded five candidates. Four of its candidates are sure to win. If the BJP does not give a fifth candidate, then there will be no election. Simultaneous council elections were also announced in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, where all candidates have been elected unopposed, but Maharashtra will go to polls on June 20.

By the way, 13 candidates had filed nominations for the first 10 seats. But later an NCP candidate withdrew and an independent candidate backed by BJP also withdrew. Now two candidates each from Shiv Sena, NCP and Congress are in the fray and five candidates of BJP are fighting. So, for the 10th seat there is going to be a tussle with the BJP. This time Fadnavis claims that more MLAs supporting the Mahavikas Aghadi will support the BJP as it will vote by secret ballot unlike in the Rajya Sabha.

In terms of the current strength of the assembly, the government alliance will get six seats and the BJP four. To win a seat, 25.91 i.e. 26 votes are needed. The BJP and its allies have 113 MLAs. This means that after winning four seats, it will be left with only nine votes. He got a total of 123 votes in the Rajya Sabha. Even if he gets that number of votes, he will have to arrange for seven votes to win the fifth seat. On the other hand, the government alliance has 169 MLAs but got 160 votes in the Rajya Sabha. Even if it gets reduced by two-four votes, its six candidates will still win.

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