Why ‘Kashmiri Pandits’ are not included in the eight years of Modi government’s achievements…?

Bhopal, Just now, the Modi government has counted the major achievements of its eight-year rule, among these achievements there is a mention of the abrogation of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, but there is no mention of the resettlement of Kashmiri Pandits in the region for the last three decades. Not to mention, while this is the biggest problem of this ‘heaven’ on earth and hundreds of Hindu Kashmiri Pandits have lost their lives due to this problem, the Bharatiya Janata Party, which is ruling the country, in every election manifesto for the last three decades. This issue has been included, this issue was included in the election manifesto of 2014, but in the last eight years this issue was completely neglected by the government, as a result of which the ‘heaven on earth’ is to become a crematorium (hell) today. Forced, now helpless and helpless Hindu Kashmiri Pandits. is forced to take the path of agitation, now the government in its clarification is only assuring this class of Kashmiris that the posting of Kashmiri Pandits or Hindu employees will be done only at the district headquarters, they should be in rural or other unsafe areas. Will not be kept This assured decision of the government only reveals that terrorists kill Hindu Kashmiris only in rural areas, when the list of incidents so far is seen, seventy percent of the killings have happened in urban areas only and the Lieutenant Governor The state government led by Pak has not been able to spoil anything of the terrorists associated with terrorist organizations.

Thirteen Hindus have been brutally murdered in the last five months, now Kashmiri Pandits are so scared of such an environment that they have given an ‘ultimatum’ to the government that ‘Shift us from Kashmir in 24 hours, we will live the life of prisoners’. Do not want to live, if this is not done then Hindu Kashmiri Pandits will start mass exodus, for which the government will have full responsibility, but instead of paying attention to their demand, the government is lathi-batting them, now there are about three dozen in the whole of Kashmir. A similar war has broken out between the government and the pundits at places, the most notable fact here is that according to the recent figures released by the Union Home Ministry, between 1990 and 2020 (in thirty years) due to terrorism, 65 thousand Kashmiri Pandits have had to leave their native place and hide their heads in a safe place.

Now the main concern of the government and the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party at the Center is that in such an environment, how the elections to the Jammu and Kashmir State Legislative Assembly should be conducted and for how long the central government (government of the Lieutenant Governor) should be continued there? Recently, in a confidential survey conducted by the Center, it has also come to the fore that at present the atmosphere in Jammu and Kashmir is not election-friendly at all, while the government has a constitutional compulsion to hold elections, the ambition of the BJP leadership to capture the Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly. Keeping this idea in view, efforts were made to increase the seats from the Delimitation Commission, now there are 43 seats in Jammu and 47 seats in Kashmir, in total out of 90 seats, BJP needs at least 46 seats for majority, In the last elections of the state assembly, only one seat of the BJP was able to get from Kashmir, while the BJP had won most of the seats in Jammu, yet the BJP remained in a minority there, still the same problem, common Kashmiri Article 370 The pain of the end of Kashmir has not been forgotten yet and since Kashmir has 4 more seats than Jammu, the BJP’s dream can be fulfilled right now, when all the seats in Jammu are occupied by the BJP and half a dozen seats will be given to it from Kashmir. meet? And it seems impossible, because there all the local political parties have united in the name of anti-Modi and all have unitedly prepared for the fight against BJP.

Along with this election deposit, one of the major concerns of the BJP is that gradually the interference of Pakistan is increasing in Kashmir. Due to the diplomatic moves of Pakistan, the sympathy of the common Kashmiri towards Pakistan is increasing, now on the one hand, while the Indian government is trying to grab Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK), new tricks are being played by the Pakistanis. It has occupied the heart and mind so much that if a survey of general public sentiment is conducted today, the majority of Kashmiris will be in favor of Pakistan, so the Modi government is very upset and confused about Kashmir, for which it is not able to find a solution.

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