Why Jharkhand difficult for BJP?

No matter how much uproar Arvind Kejriwal may make in Delhi, the reality is that there was no Operation Lotus going on in Delhi. The BJP was not making the slightest effort to topple his government. So there is no question of operation failing. Yes, BJP is trying hard to topple the Jharkhand government but it is not getting success. All the central agencies are behind the ruling coalition in Jharkhand, cases have been filed in the judiciary, which are under trial, complaints have been filed in the Election Commission, whose decision has been given and the matter is pending in the Lokpal also. BJP’s political efforts have their place. Despite this, she is not able to succeed due to many reasons.

The first reason is of numbers. The reason why BJP successfully ran Operation Lotus in Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra was because BJP had won in two states- Karnataka and Maharashtra, but other parties did not allow BJP to form government by forming alliance after elections. In Madhya Pradesh, the BJP was left behind by just seven seats in the majority. So the operation was successful in these three states. There is no such situation in Jharkhand. There BJP lost the election and its Chief Minister also lost the election. It got only 25 seats. In Jharkhand’s 81-member assembly, its total MLAs, including allies, are 30, 11 short of the majority. On the other hand, the pre-poll alliance of JMM, Congress and RJD has won with absolute majority.

The second reason is public sentiment. After the last assembly elections, by-elections have been held in four seats in Jharkhand and the BJP has lost all four. A rhetorical MP, who has predicted by-elections in Dumka and Barheth seats, also had a by-election in an assembly seat in his constituency and the BJP lost there too. By-elections were held in Dumka, Bermo, Madhupur and Mandar in these four seats and BJP lost on all four. That’s why the MLAs of Congress, RJD or JMM are thinking 10 times before switching sides. They know that the people are not against the coalition government.

The third reason is the bigotry of BJP leaders, which alerted the state government to take preventive measures. BJP leaders have been saying from day one that the government will fall. By tweeting or making statements, the leaders kept telling how many MLAs of Congress or JMM are in touch with the BJP. This alerted the state government. The Chief Minister started monitoring the coalition MLAs. Along with their movement, those coming to Ranchi from outside were also being monitored. At least three attempts failed because of this. Three Congress MLAs were caught with money and a case was also filed twice in a year. This time too, the screw has been stuck due to the bigoted leaders of BJP. The developments in Bihar have also become a reason, due to which the MLAs of the alliance have been encouraged.

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