Why is the Sangh angry with the ruling organization?

Bhopal, Eighteen months are left for the next assembly elections of Madhya Pradesh, but the lines of concern are visible on the face of the top leadership of the Sangh and the BJP, in the past, both the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Sangh conducted a confidential detailed survey of Madhya Pradesh, in which the next The political environment for the assembly elections and the preparations for the election at the power and organization level was taken a detailed review, in the top meeting of the BJP and the Sangh on the Madhya Pradesh power-organization held in Delhi in the past, detailed discussions were held on the reports of these confidential detailed surveys. To whom the Sangh expressed particular concern, the organization also expressed concern over the report.

The top leadership of the organization did not hold any public discussion on this, but the Sangh openly criticized the state’s bureaucracy, corruption and their distance from the public and public representatives. One of the main reasons for the displeasure of the Sangh was that the ruling BJP in the state is neglecting the experienced people through side lines, while the BJP should take full advantage of their experiences, which is very important at the time of assembly elections. The Sangh’s Sarkaryavah Dattatreya Hosawale, in particular, appeared to be particularly concerned about this confidential report. He said that efforts to add new faces to the organization are fine, but at the same time elderly and experienced party leaders should not be neglected, taking advantage of their old experiences, the party should decide its next path. Because without striking a balance between the young and the old, the party cannot progress.

The Sangh was quite indifferent in this top meeting organized in the nostalgic arena complex in Karol Bagh, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh BJP President BD Sharma and Chief Minister Shivraj Singh ji were also present in this meeting. In the meeting, Sarkaryavah Hosabale appreciated the good steps of the ruling organization and also raised questions on the short-sighted view.

In this top meeting of the Sangh and the BJP, a lot of concern was expressed over the alleged corruption increasing in Madhya Pradesh. According to a recently released report, Madhya Pradesh is suffering a ‘double dose’ of corruption. During the year 2020, fifty-one FIRs of corruption were registered in the state which increased to 91 in just one year (2021) and in a span of fifteen months, 116 were found guilty of corruption and punished as far as the last three months of this financial year are concerned. During this period, 35 FIRs were registered, 268 corrupt were caught red handed while taking bribe and challans were presented against 229. On March 31, the Economic Offenses Research Bureau has lodged an FIR against three officers of the Water Resources Department in scams of more than Rs 33,150 crore. On February 4 last, the investigating agency lodged an FIR against three people, including the then Chief Executive Officer of Janpad Panchayat Sironj, exposing a scam of about thirty crore rupees in the Chief Minister’s Kanya Vivah Yojana.

After reading all these corruption-related documentary reports, the union is very angry with the state government. After discussing this topic in detail in this apex meeting, concern was expressed in the context of the next assembly elections. Since these facts have also been revealed in the secret survey of BJP, therefore, in this context, the high command gave necessary instructions to the Chief Minister and the Chief Minister called the Chief Secretary of the state to his residence as soon as he returned from Delhi and discussed in detail with him. Instructed to take strict steps.

Now the situation is that while in this top meeting the BJP and the Sangh decide to go ahead with the radical Hindutva agenda in the next assembly elections, while it is not happy with the current organization and power related activities of the state, but at the same time it Taking advantage of the current political climate without opposition, he is also dreaming of regaining his power in the state.

Now that the Prime Minister has entrusted important responsibilities like his election, organization, state to Home Minister Amit Shah, that is why Shah Saheb is seen more active these days, whether it is Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka or Bihar or Jammu and Kashmir everywhere. Shah sahib is visible. They also want to tell the Sangh with their activeness that they should not worry, everything will be fine.

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