Why is Sushil Modi speaking so much?

Sushil Modi has been the most vocal in Bihar ever since Nitish Kumar left the BJP and joined RJD. He is considered very close to Nitish and after the BJP’s decision to remove him from the state politics after the last elections, it was believed that this has been done to distance him from Nitish. How is his chemistry with Nitish, Nitish himself told, when he said after parting from the BJP that if Sushil Modi had been looking after the work of BJP in Bihar and would have been in the government, it might not have happened. JDU national president Rajiv Ranjan Singh alias Lalan Singh also did not make any statement on him and said that he has been punished.

But on the other hand Sushil Modi has commanded the attack on Nitish. They are constantly targeting. He said that Nitish’s people had come to him and said that if Nitish is made the Vice President, he can get the BJP government formed in Bihar. He also said that till the last moment Nitish told Amit Shah that there was nothing to worry about. It seems that he is showing his usefulness in the eyes of the party high command. In this also BJP leaders are looking at the design. They say that Sushil Modi is attacking more loudly so that the party high command again gives him command in Bihar but it will not happen. Everyone knows his relationship with Nitish, so if you want to fight Nitish, then he has to be kept separate.

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