Why is Hooda not being announced?

Is there any mistake again in the announcement of reshuffle in Haryana Congress organization? After the resignation of Kumari Selja, it was believed that the new president could be announced at any time. Former Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda is to be made the new president and in his place, Dalit and women leader Geeta Bhukkal is to be appointed as the leader of the legislature party. It was almost agreed upon. But the first factor was that both Hooda and Bhukkal are from Rohtak district. Therefore, both the important posts cannot be given to the same district. After this the question arose again regarding the post of President. It is being told that due to Congress’s media in-charge Randeep Surjewala, the announcement has been stalled till now.

Surjewala had met Kuldeep Bishnoi recently. It is being told that he forwarded Bishnoi and said that if he claims for the post of president, Surjewala will support him. In this way, a gamble has been played by talking about balancing the Jat and non-Jat. But Hooda’s close friends believe that he has to become the president of the party in any case and also appoint the leader of the legislature party of his choice. If there is a delay in this or there is any change in this plan, then they will take a different route. If Hooda separates, many Congress leaders will also go to the Aam Aadmi Party. Its immediate loss to the Congress will be that it will not be able to get a Rajya Sabha seat, which only Hooda can get it. However, the Congress is finding it difficult to settle the Hooda vs Surjewala dispute.

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