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Why didn’t it matter?

Where was the matter in the 16th round of India-China talks. So should it now be assumed that there is no issue other than the general disagreements between the two countries in Ladakh?,

Talks did not progress anywhere in the 16th round of talks between the military commanders of India and China. In a formal statement issued after the talks, the two countries agreed to maintain peace and security along the Line of Actual Control and said that the remaining issues of the dispute would be resolved further. A similar statement had come to the fore after the 15th round of talks held in March. So Indian analysts have termed the 16th round of talks as fruitless. But Chinese analysts have said that both countries have moved on from the issue that arose in 2020. If you look at the point of these analysts, it is understandable that according to them, there is no issue left to solve now. On the contrary, they refer to the similar opinion that emerged between India and China on international issues after the start of the Ukraine war. The conclusion is that China has accepted that there are no more serious differences left on the Line of Actual Control. The question is, what is the Indian government doing to break this notion? Political contacts between the two have also returned to normal recently, along with the interactions of military commanders. In March, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi visited New Delhi.

Recently, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar held talks with Wang in Jakarta during the G20 Foreign Ministers’ meeting. Business has always been normal. In fact, it has increased significantly in the last two years. So should it be assumed that now there is no other issue in Ladakh other than the general disagreements between the two countries? After all, the Government of India has also been the same stance that ‘no one has entered the Indian territory, no one has come and sat.’ It is a matter of fact that many international and domestic reports tell a different story than this. But when the Government of India does not accept these stories, then the question arises that what is the matter to move forward in the talks? Since this is not clear, the matter is not moving forward.

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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