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Why did Agneepath become a mudpath?

Our leaders have turned Agneepath into a mudpath. On the Agneepath plan of the government, the leaders of the opposition and parties run a serious debate, suggest improvements and suggest ways to overcome its weaknesses, it is believed that they are fulfilling the responsibility of being their leader, but the leaders of the ruling BJP turn a blind eye to Agneepath. And all the opposition leaders are throwing mud on it.

The government and the army are announcing some concessions every day on their original plan, so that the disappointment of our future soldiers is removed and there is some enthusiasm in them, but almost all the opposition parties have found this an issue, which can be capitalized. They are leaving no stone unturned. It is a fact that the massive sabotage against the Agneepath scheme in the country was a spontaneous initiative. No opposition leader or party was behind it, but now you can see on TV channels that workers and leaders of different parties are roaming around with their flags in their hands.

These are the people who neither have to join the army themselves nor their children have to get military jobs. The anger of the youth who wanted to get a military job was natural. Every man wishes for permanent security and convenience in his life. The question of what any young man would do after spending four years in the army would not leave him uninterested. Rural, poor and under-educated youth also prefer to join the army because they have to fight wars occasionally but their remaining time is spent in full facilities and security and on retirement 30-40 years pension and free Facilities for treatment etc. are also available and they can also do other jobs if they want.

But this traditional system is changing in all the major countries of the world, because there is more need of young people in the army. The amount spent on the purchase of arms of the entire army, more goes on pension. Modernization of the army is very important. These arguments of the government are understandable, but how good it would have been that instead of suddenly igniting the flames of Agneepath, it would have got a comprehensive debate on this issue in the Parliament and Newspapers first.

Now his announcement will definitely have an effect that the soldiers participating in this movement will not get the job of Agneepath. This movement may also come to a halt. But it would have been better that instead of announcing the immediate implementation of this plan, the military officers let it be discussed extensively and whatever good suggestions came, they would have been accepted. It is very important to save the Agneepath from being a mud path.

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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