Who is the candidate of ‘AAP’ in the by-election?

Like the BJP and the Congress, now swords are being drawn among the leaders of the AAP party. The meeting of the party held last week regarding the Rajendra Nagar assembly by-election was strong, but after some time as soon as the party announced to make Durgesh Pathak in charge, the leaders and their supporters expected to contest the elections, not only lost their cool but also their leaders. They started creating a ruckus about the ticket and started shouting slogans. Now with the departure of MLA of Bhala area, Raghav Chadda to Rajya Sabha, speculation had started regarding former MLA Vijender Garg, but due to differences between Chadda and Garg, Garg was also expected to get the ticket. But it happened in the past. The meeting seems to have disappointed Garg as his supporters are demanding Garg’s ticket.

It is a different matter that Garg is considered close to party convener and Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. But Raghav Chadda is also no less close to Kejriwal, so now Garg’s favorites are less likely to get a ticket. But Garg is busy campaigning for his ticket. Now who the party makes its candidate in this election, it is a different matter, the news is also that after being made in-charge, Durgesh Pathak has opened the election office at the place of the former MLA of the party. But it is certain that even the opponents of AAP were expecting Garg to win the election in this election. It is obvious that if the party makes someone else a candidate, then in a short time it will not only have to work harder but also have to deal with contraception. Good luck to party leader Gopal Rai that he gave mantras to win elections in this meeting, but what effect this mantra can have on the opponents, it has to be seen.

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