Who had the plot to defeat Maken?

The history of Haryana was repeated again in the Rajya Sabha elections. Congress leaders, who closely watched the results of the last three elections, were already apprehensive that history might be repeated i.e. the official Congress candidate could lose the election. Keep in mind that in 2018, RK Anand was the official candidate of Congress and he lost to BJP-backed independent Subhash Chandra. Then the vote of 14 Congress MLAs became invalid. Next time in 2020, the son of Bhupinder Singh Hooda got the ticket after cutting the ticket of Kumari Selja and he won. This time in 2022 Ajay Maken was the official candidate of Congress and he lost the election. This time only one vote of Congress was invalid.

Think, if 14 Congress votes had not been invalid in 2018, RK Anand would have won. He would have won if even two-three votes were less invalid. But as many votes were invalidated as they lost. Then in 2022, there was a closer contest, so even after one vote was invalid, BJP’s work was done. Don’t see any coincidence in this? In the middle of 2022, when Deepender Hooda contested the elections, not a single vote became invalid. All 31 Congress MLAs cast their votes with equal sensibility.

It is also surprising that this time Congress’s biggest expert on contesting Rajya Sabha elections, Shakti Singh Gohil had trained Congress MLAs and mock voting was done under his supervision. Yet a Congress MLA instead of writing priority in front of Maken’s name put a check mark. Even more surprising is that Vivek Bansal, the state in-charge of the Congress was in charge of the election and all the Congress MLAs showed them and voted, then why didn’t they see which MLA has ticked instead of writing the number one priority. ?

Think, what kind of conspiracy has happened in this or how many coincidences have happened. The MLAs were kept in a resort in Raipur for more than a week. After that Mock Voting was done after training from Shakti Singh Gohil. Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel and Rajiv Shukla were made observers. Hooda himself and his son kept the command. Yet a Congress MLA got his vote invalid. It is no less surprising that a leader like Hooda could not arrange for an extra vote apart from the Congress, while there are nine MLAs from independents and smaller parties in the state. Has their trust also been betrayed? If so, then questions will arise on the leader close to the high command.

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