Who benefits from Jharkhand’s uncertainty?

There is tremendous uncertainty in Jharkhand. The sword of disqualification hangs on the Chief Minister’s assembly membership. In the matter of office of profit, the Election Commission has sent its report to the Governor but the Governor is not taking a decision on it. A delegation of the ruling coalition met the Governor on September 2 and the Chief Minister himself met the Governor on September 16. But the governor is sitting by suppressing the report of the Election Commission. A similar report is pending with the Governor in the case of Chief Minister’s brother and JMM MLA Basant Soren. For more than a month, the report of both the leaders is with the Governor. Apart from this, there are many other cases against the Chief Minister, which are with the judiciary, central agencies or constitutional bodies.

This uncertainty is not known whether the BJP is benefiting but the state is suffering a big loss. Earlier it was believed that this uncertainty would benefit the BJP. Congress MLAs who are already in contact with the party will break up and they will be merged with BJP by forming a separate faction. After that BJP will stake claim to form the government. But BJP could not get success in that. He does not have any leader in the state who can carry out this campaign. So that matter is over. Its disadvantage is that all the work has come to a standstill. Big companies from outside are not going to Jharkhand to work. Because of this, the government is not able to take out big contracts. Small things that local companies can do are being done and the rest of the work is at a standstill.

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