While talking to an unknown person on the phone, the call may have to be merged, may be a victim of fraud.

Tips to Prevent Fraud: In the last total years, digitalization has increased very rapidly in the country. With increasing digitization, the cases of cyber fraud have also increased. Every time cybercriminals try to defraud people in new ways. Since the beginning of the Corona period, there has been a spurt in the cases of cyber fraud. In such a situation, the Ministry of Home Affairs of India has warned people about OTP Fraud.

Cyber ​​Dost warned people that now people are falling prey to fraud through calls. Let us inform that Cyber ​​Dost is a Twitter handle of the Ministry of Home Affairs. They keep giving information about cyber security to the people. Cyber ​​Dost has given information by tweeting that never merge any other call while talking to an unknown person on the phone.

As soon as the call is merged, fraudsters can hack your account by knowing the OTP. Be aware, be alert. If you are a victim of fraud, you can register your complaint on cybercrime.gov.in. In such a situation, the government has told some tips to the people, by following which you can avoid falling prey to online fraud.

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Avoid sharing OTP
Nowadays most of the people use digital payment. In such a situation, before making digital payment, OTP comes on your mobile number. Only after that your payment is completed. In such a situation, while talking to any unknown person, do not share your OTP at all. Because of this you can become a victim of fraud. Apart from this, you should not do online transactions on networks like Free WiFi. In such a situation, you can be a victim of fraud.

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