Which is beneficial for investment in these investment schemes of SBI and HDFC, know


Let us know which of these two schemes of SBI and HDFC will be better.

SBI Platinum Deposit

This scheme gives you the time limit of 75 days, 525 days and 2250 days. At the same time, it can be invested from 15 August 2021 to 14 September 2021. Talking about the interest rate, SBI is giving 3.90 percent interest on 75 days term deposit, while Platinum deposit is getting 3.95 percent interest.

525 days, while there is 5.10 percent interest on Platinum. At the same time, if we talk about term deposit of 2250 days, then 5.55 percent interest is proposed. The interest rate for senior citizens is such that, on 75 days of investment, .45 percent will be available. 5.60 percent will be available for 525 days, while 6.20 percent interest will be available for 2250 days

SDFC Green Deposit

HDFC has launched Green and Sustainable Deposit Scheme. Any Indian can invest in this scheme. The time limit for making deposits in this scheme ranges from 36 months to 120 months. Senior citizens will get an additional 0.25 percent on deposits of Rs 2 crore.

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