When the transgender was accused of making two female prisoners pregnant, she was sent to the men’s cell!

A strange incident has come to light from a US prison, which is related to the incident with two female prisoners serving in prison. It is being told that a transgender prisoner lodged in the women’s prison impregnated the other two female prisoners imprisoned there. After this incident came to light, the transgender prisoner has been shifted from the women’s jail to the men’s jail.

After the incident, the transgender prisoner in the jail has been accused of sexual harassment. This incident is from New Jersey, USA. Transgender prisoner Demi Minor is serving 30 years in prison for stabbing her stepfather to death. The prisoner has now been shifted from the Edna Mahan Correctional Center to the State Youth Reform Center.

Damien, 27, has claimed that he was abused by security personnel during the transfer. In the Justice-4-Demi blog post, Demi claimed she was mocked when she asked a woman to investigate her. In a separate post, he also claimed that he was assaulted during the transfer.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, in these jails, the rooms of the prisoners are kept open at fixed times for entertainment. Meanwhile, a prisoner breaks into another prisoner’s room or they go to the bathroom to have sex.

According to the report, Demi killed Theotis Butts at the age of 16. Butts was Demi’s stepfather. After carrying out the incident, she fled to New York from where she was caught by the police. Demi was also found guilty of carjacking. In the said case, a couple was with their newborn child in their car, when Demi put a gun point on the woman’s face and took the couple and the child out of the car and left the car.

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