When the son did not get the partner, the 64-year-old mother landed in Maidar, defeated Greece!

Now it’s mother’s to play olympics with son

It is said that a mother can do anything for her son. An example of this was recently seen in the playground when the unique pair of mother-son came out to play at the ongoing Badminton World Championships in Tokyo. Here 64-year-old mother Svetlana and her 33-year-old son Misa were playing a mixed doubles match for Israel. Not only this, the pair defeated Adam Hatem Elgamal of Egypt and the team of Doha 2-1 in their first match.

set new record

With this, Svetlana has become the oldest player to win a match in this championship. Although 65-year-old American badminton star Matthew Fogerty has also entered the championship, but he had to retire midway due to injury.

Svetlana is also her son’s coach

In this regard, Svetlana says that she will further improve her record by participating in the tournament to be held in Copenhagen next year. After this, his dream is to play Olympics with his son. Misa’s mother, Svetlana, won a bronze medal at the 1986 European Championships. She is also the coach of her son. When her son could not find a partner, she herself got down on the badminton court.

Even before this, this pair has played together

Let us tell you that this is not the first time in the World Badminton Championship, when these two mother-son duo have landed on the field. Earlier in 2009 also, the pair of mother Svetlana and son Misa has rocked the match. At this time Misa’s age was 20 and mother Svetlana’s age was 51 years.

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