When China turned its back, Russia sought help from India! So is India ready?

New Delhi | India Russia Relationship: Since the aggressive policy of Russian President Putin on Ukraine, America and its fellow European countries have imposed strict economic sanctions against Russia. Russia has been embroiled in a 55-day war against Ukraine. In such a situation, due to the lack of medical equipment in Russia, he has sought cooperation from his friends, but after turning away from China, Russia has hoped from India.

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Talks between the two countries will be held on April 22
Russia has asked India for medical equipment after China’s misbehavior. In such a situation, news is coming out that in this regard, Russian and Indian companies making medical equipment can talk through video conference on April 22, through which the formalities related to the supply of equipment to Russia can be decided.

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Export of medical equipment can be up to Rs 2 billion
Confirming this video conference between India and Russia, coordinator of the Indian Medical Device Industry Association, Rajiv Nath has said that India does not have any share in the Russian medical device market yet, but due to the changed circumstances due to the war This share is expected to increase to 10 times this year. Medical equipment exports from India to Russia could reach Rs 2 billion. Most of the business in this is likely to be done in Rupee-Ruble.

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russia ukraine war

russia ukraine war

Russia-India have old relations
India Russia Relationship: Let us tell you that, due to the economic sanctions against Russia after the attack of the Russian army on Ukraine, Russia is not able to do any transaction with any country in the US Dollar, the accepted currency in the world, but India’s Russia has started this process in view of its neutrality policy and its traditional relations with Russia. Significantly, India has sent a consignment of tea, rice, fruits, coffee and marine products to Russia last week. Along with this, Russia has also handed over the parts of the S-400 missile system to India.

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