When a chimpanzee escaped from the zoological museum, it had to be celebrated like this…!

The chimpanzee, named Chichi, was taken out of the Feldman Eco-Park earlier this year and placed under the supervision of the Kharkiv Zoo.

Ukraine has been a topic of discussion globally for some time now. Life is very difficult for the people living in Ukraine, which is going through a catastrophe due to the ongoing war with Russia. Meanwhile, once again the city of Kharkiv in Ukraine has come into the limelight, but this time it has come in the discussion not for any war or even then but for a Chempanzee. A chimpanzee who escaped from the zoo in Kharkiv, Ukraine, was persuaded to return after a lot of effort by a zoo employee, but for this something had to be done, after which the whole matter became viral on social media.

This cute animal came back on this condition

Let us tell you that for the citizens of war-ravaged Ukraine, even small moments of happiness are providing great relief. A video has won hearts online showing a chimpanzee fleeing the Kharkiv zoo and returning to its caretaker. A zoo employee made a deal to bring back the animal that had escaped from the zoo and brought it back on a bicycle.

The incident went viral on social media

According to the information received from the local news agency in the case, the name of the chimpanzee is Chichi. It was removed from the Feldman Eco-Park earlier this year and placed under the supervision of the Kharkiv Zoo. The chimpanzee escaped from its temporary home by digging a hole in the zoo’s chain-link fence, but was eventually persuaded by the zoo’s caretakers to return to safety. Journalist Hannah Liubakova has also shared its video. This video has been viewed more than 50 lakh times so far. Social media users are commenting fiercely on this video.

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